Ideal 4th of July Celebration Options

07/02/2014 20:56

Here are some 4th of July party ideas that are packed with fun. It is one of the favorite summer holiday and always a reason for a celebration. Like an open house, people invite many friends. So follow along and feel free to use these 4th of July party ideas and tips!

If you are planning an Independence Day party, there are several hours to fill before the highlight of your event - the thrilling fireworks. So, you surely want to make your party very interesting by having various activities and games to keep the guests busy and entertained.

Relay races are generally great choices for July 4th games. Your guests will form teams of three to five people and take turns racing to retrieve flags. The team that retrieves the flags the fastest wins. You might also consider having a classic gunny sack race. Your guests will have to get into the sacks and race each other to see who can hop down a field the fastest. These types of race games are especially good for young guests who have a lot of energy. For your older, less physically active guests, you should probably have some indoor 4th of July party games to offer. You can examine this site about special event choices for more info.

Party games should be planned well. You can set-up a home-made Frisbee toss; simple but fun. Set 16 oz. water bottles on top of ski poles and throw the frisbee in an attempt to knock them off! It is not as easy as it looks but is terribly fun. You can play in teams and then have a championship.

One of the best ways to celebrate the 4th of July is by having a classy barbecue with friends and family. Celebrating freedom is exciting and why not do it with everyone you love around you. Enjoy a day full of good food, good friends, and great fireworks at the end of the night. This traditional holiday falls right in the middle of summer, which means it is the perfect time for a great barbecue.

Red and white checkered tables and a wild selection of foods almost always come to mind if you mention this holiday. Summer foods are cool, fun and should definitely able to travel along for a picnic party. Make miniature hamburgers as "independence sliders" and add a side of "freedom fries." For variety on the sliders you can cut small squares of cheese and have toppings from each region of the U.S. Your sauces might include a Tex-Mex spicy salsa, a cool crab salad from the Pacific Northwest, sweet and tangy BBQ sauce from the South, and even an Old Bay seasoned mayonnaise from the Northeastern parts of the U.S.. It all depends on your tastes!

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